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Zebra ET60/ET65 – Built Tough to Handle Warehousing Challenges

TOPICS: Hardware

Your warehouse is where all the action happens, but it’s also where chaos thrives. When your workers are in the field or trying to navigate the staggering number of tasks in the DC/warehouse, the unpredictability of the day can result in downtime from devices running out of power, switching between devices for data capture and laptop related tasks and app usages, and normal wear and tear for technologies used in the field. In other words, it’s not enough to automate and digitize, but also the technologies you invest in need to survive the harsh working conditions of the front line.

Every Second Counts

In many industries, there are events that can halt workers for minutes and even days, resulting in thousands of dollars in lost revenues. In our world, we understand seconds can spell disaster, so when Zebra Technologies introduced the ET60/ET65 we couldn’t wait to show it off to our customers. We knew they were going to be just as excited to get this workhorse of a tablet into their day-to-day.

For one, the battery is the star of the show. Since the batteries are removable, the tablet is never out of service for charging. The Super Capacitor delivers constant power during battery swaps, so you never lose data. And the PowerPrecision+ batteries provide the intelligence required to spot, locate and remove unhealthy batteries from the battery pool. When you don’t have to run off to the charging station for every charge, we can see the productivity potential soar. The best part? For forklift drivers, they can power the ET60/ET65 through the host vehicle, eliminating the need to purchase and maintain batteries.

Your Scanning Needs Met

As workers are expected to do more all the time, their devices will need to multitask as well. With the ET60/ET65, there is no need to switch between devices for all the tasks they need to do. It can meet all barcode scanning needs with the 16 MP rear camera and if they want more for their scanning requirements, an upgrade is available through the SE55 1D/2D Advance Range scan engine with Intellifocus, which can virtually capture any barcode in split seconds, even in less-than-ideal conditions.

A Powerful Connection

The ET60/ET65 had support for 5G private networks and Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS)1 enable highly secure and cost-effective private cellular wireless connectivity in large areas, such as ports and yards. Support for 5G and Wi-Fi 6E provides workers inside your facility and out in the field with blazing fast and reliable wireless connections. And the physical SIM and eSIM allow devices to connect to both a private 5G or CBRS cellular network and the public cellular network, providing seamless connectivity inside and outside of your facility.

Just the Specs

Dimensions 10.8 in. W x 7.8 in. L x 0.7 in. H, 275 mm W x 199 mm L x 18.3 mm H
Weight 2.3 lbs/1,074 g
Display 10.1 in. WUXGA (1920 x 1200)—1,000 nits; optically bonded to touchpanel
Touchpanel Multi mode capacitive touch with bare or gloved fingertip input or conductive stylus (sold separately); Corning® Gorilla® Glass; Water droplet rejection; fingerprint resistant anti-smudge coating
Expansion Slot User accessible MicroSD card; supports up to 2 TB
Connectivity 2 x USB 3.1 Type A Ports; 1 x USB 3.1 Type C Port (with DisplayPort 1.2 support)
Interface Ports and Expansion Docking connector (charge and data); Keyboard connector; 1 x USB 2.0 (back I/O - host only)

Your Trusted Zebra Partner

Barcoding-Canada is a premier Zebra partner and can help you through all steps of your automation journey. If you would like to get to know the ET60/ET65 or other great Zebra options, we can help! Contact us today!